The Cretan Olive Mills -The packing factory

Map of our facilities

1.Our offices

2.bottling facility

3.Product storage and chemical laboratory

4.Olive oil storage tanks


6.Filltering facility

7.Packaging materials

8.The olive mill

9.Uploading facility.

The Production

The fruit of the olive tree, the “feedstock” of our trade, is the absolute guarantee for top quality of our olive oil: the fruit of the olive tree comes from the family’s olive groves which the Botzakis family have been cultivating and looking after for many generations in the village of Alagni. We also have firm business relationships with other local farmers who entrust us with their harvests.

Literally right after harvesting, most of the times on the same day of collecting the olives, the precious fruit is crushed to a green-gold hue liquid extract, rich in vitamins, fruity and mild in flavor, attributes so characteristic of the olive oil produced in Crete. This routine is more than just a “production process” to us: it is a ritual, only we realize it by means of technology, through a simple set of steps to produce an all-natural product, under strict low temperature conditions and hygiene.

Packaging and labelling

The “ritual” takes us to the next stage: we bottle and label our precious and natural extract in food-safe certified glass bottles of various volumes and also tinplate cans that ensure absolute protection of the olive oil from the heat and sun. This standardization takes place at our own installations where we have installed the latest and most advanced in bottling machinery, a fully automated line to ensure perfect hygiene conditions. The olive oil you pour on your salad or use for your frying is a completely natural product that has met all the food safety standards set worldwide.

Private Label

We will provide you with natural, superb-quality Cretan extra virgin olive oil produced under strict quality standards: you will add your own label, complete with your artwork and all, after we have together decided on the right packaging to suit your market and your brand. Creta Oil™ by Botzakis will guarantee a superb product for your business goals and prepare it from scratch to a complete brand via its vertical production unit. Our business principles are interwoven with a code of responsibility towards our client/partner and, equally important, the consumer. Our credentials are our certifications -ISO9001/2000, HACCP, USDA/NOP- and also our awards from internationally acclaimed competitions such as Mario Solinas, etc.


Creta Oil™ by Botzakis has developed a strong momentum by penetrating the European Union markets while expanding its strong presence beyond the boundaries of Europe: our olive oil can be found in the markets of Russia, China, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand and other countries in Asia and South America.