This is the product of the cooperation of our company with farmers of organic farming all over Crete who have rendered the cultivation of the olive tree into art and dedicate an important part of their life in this. They combine the traditional techniques with the modern methods of organic cultivation of the olive tree and they produce a product free of any chemical agents in any stage, with a unique flavor and aroma.

Under strict European standards supervision and the IFOAM quality control, our company and the organic farmers guarantee the product and they offer it to you, the consumer that makes no compromises in choosing products for your diet.


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Siviglia 500ml

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Organic Certification - DHO EN ISO 9001:2008 - TUV Vegetarian Product
cooked fried salads marinades salsas dips
Recommended for dips, modern cuisine, Mediterranean dressing for vegetables, salads, pastas, etc.


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