PDO Extra virgin olive oil

Peza “Olyssos” – PDO Extra Virgin olive oil with Low Acidity and High Value of Polyphenols


This year’s plentiful yield season and the succeeding innovative method of extracting olives have given us exceptional results in organoleptic and chemical analyses.

The outstanding organoleptic characteristics are accompanied by excellent chemical analyses .High levels of polyphenols and  an extremely low acidity, seal its exceptional, unique, premium quality in the new modern packaging of 750ml tin.

PDO PEZA OLYSSOS  Extra Virgin Olive Oil features strong fruity characteristics with cool and mild-bitter tones.

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Peza “Olyssos” – PDO Extra Virgin olive oil

In the heart of Crete, in the region of Peza, where the hills meet the planes, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in unique soil and climatic conditions, since the Minoan times, more than 5,000 years ago. From this limited area, from the fruit of just one variety of olives the “PEZA” extra virgin olive oil is produced, characterized as “Protected Designation of Origin” according to the REG. EEC 1107/96.

The olive oil producers of the greater area of Peza cultivated, harvest and deliver the same day their crop of the unique olive variety “Koroneiki” to the installations of our state-of-the-art olive mills, under the scientific instructions of our company agriculture engineer. The procedure of extracting the oil is carried out the same day, in very low temperatures, under health control supervisors and the support of modern machinery, resulting to a product with unique organoleptic characteristics. The combination of the soil and climatic characteristics of the region and the “Koroneiki” variety, as well as the strict control supervision during all stages of processing and bottling, according to the REG. EEC 2081/92, make the extra virgin olive oil “PEZA” a perfect product and classifies it to the top of the healthy diet pyramid. The product is available to the consumers in numbered bottles and limited quantity.

Available Packaging