Cretan Extra virgin olive oil

Cretan prince – Extra Virgin olive oil

CRETAN PRINCE Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by cold pressing in our oil mills and selected others throughout the island. It is a product that combines the nutritional attributes of the extra virgin olive oil with a subtle fruity and aromatic flavor and a light gold-green hue so characteristic of the Cretan olive oil. Free of any chemical substances and chemical processing whatsoever, “Cretan Prince” is the natural juice of the olive fruit, cholesterol free, rich in E and A vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids.

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Olyssos – Extra Virgin olive oil

Carefully selected, Greek sun-matured olives of the “Koroneiki” variety are cold-pressed on the day of harvesting exclusively by mechanical means to ensure that this first class product you have purchased will live υp to its reputation as the unique mild-flavored, fruity Cretan olive oil.

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Ousia – Extra Virgin olive oil

Ousia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the product of Cretan olive fruit of the “Koroneiki” and “Tsounati” varieties. The olive oil is extracted in our mills on the day of harvesting, in very low temperature, under strict hygiene control supervision and the support of state-of-the-art machinery.

The result is a product of supreme quality with mild and fruity flavor, so characteristic of Cretan olive oil.

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