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At Creta Oil™ by Botzakis, every new award or certification firstly comes as a reward for our efforts but most importantly a confirmation that we succeed in achieving our initial goal: to produce and trade authentic, natural, high quality olive oil, the same olive oil that for generations contributed to the lives of the people of Crete, ourselves included.

Quality & Certifications

Every single bottle or tin can of our olive oil contains an all-natural, certified, precious product. Nothing less. At Creta Oil™ by Botzakis we perform regular inspections and chemical analysis at all production stages, adhering to the food quality assurance systems with which we have been certified. To add to this we have installed an in-house state-of-the-art chemical laboratory right there at the olive mill.

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“Our own” promise of quality

At Creta Oil™ by Botzakis we believe that the best certification is our very view that in spite of all the modern technologies and apparatuses, olive oil should be a labor of love and not just the product of any routine, typical process.

This precious liquid extract is the leading star in our own family kitchens, an important help in the healthy upbringing of our children: what is really better a certification than this?

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