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Creta Oil™ by Botzakis celebrates more than two decades of business as a producing and exporting company in Alagni, where the Botzakis family lived for more decades than they can remember! Our family business is strongly connected to the land and subsequently to its people: through the years we have worked closely with our fellow folk, the local olive tree growers who trust us with their harvest and the mill staff who traditionally come from the greater Alagni and Peza area.

Social Profile

The people of Creta Oil™ by Botzakis have a strong feeling of social responsibility: we support every single social and culture initiatives and actions of the local community. We sponsor locally-held festivals such as the University Student Theater Groups Culture Camp festival held annually ay neighboring Astritsi village. We also support –by sponsoring- the Municipal Social Grocery. This is our strong relation to our land: we receive the olive fruit from the land and we give back to this land and its people.

Our people

Our staff is more than a production factor: the people of Creta Oil™ by Botzakis are our valuable asset, a life-long relationship based on sound social principles. Most of our staff are born and bred in villages from the greater area, they have been with us for many years and have developed over this time, precious knowledge and expertise in the field of olive oil production in all its stages. They constitute our most valuable asset, guarantee of the quality of our products.

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