Company milestones in Crete









1986. Botzakis  is registered as an individual business in Heraklion Crete with Cretan olive oil.

1989 . Setup of the first storage complex in Kalloni village to  trade the huge quantities of bulk Cretan extra vigin olive oil.

1995. The individual business is transformed to “CRETA OIL-Botzakis SA”, Cretan Extra virgin olive oil products.

1998 Build the first production facilities in Crete.

– Our first  Cretan olive mill is established in Alagni village , Heraklion Crete.

-Design branded products in bottles and tins.

– The company starts exporiting branded  Cretan extra virgin olive oil products in  abroad.

Establishing our first plant in the  area of Peza Heraklion Grete.

Setup a modern chemical laboratory in house.

Construction of a new storage building in Kapariana village in Crete.

Installation of a new  bottling and labelling line to accommodate the large number of orders.

Construction  the second  Cretan olive mill in Foinikia, Heraklion.

Above all Creta Oil -Botzakis SA is the oldest packing company in Crete which produces Cretan olive oil, in different kind of packaging and it keeps the first registration number in Crete EL 40-004.