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Every little corner of the Cretan land is linked to myths and tradition. Alagni, a small village situated south of Heraklion, some 25 kilometers away, is related to the myth of Alagonia, a nymph whose father was Zeus and mother was Europe. This local community, however, is also strongly connected to an age-long culture of olive oil and wine-making.

This is where the Creta Oil™ by Botzakis olive mill and bottling unit was built. Three brothers, born and bred in Alagni have made olive oil production a… family affair. They do it all, from harvesting to the shops around the world. A medium-sized family business yet with a big heart, a team of people who absolutely love to give back to their homeland, to promote their pride and joy, the olive oil of Alagni, Crete to the rest of the world!

Business strategy – our principles in the trade

For the people of Crete, olive oil is a lot –a lot- more than just a vegetable fat you can eat or cook with: it is a major part of their local culture and traditions, the single most prominent element in the famous for its nutritional value Cretan diet.

Our goal is to make olive oil from our land an obtainable “luxury” in the markets abroad. We want to propagate the Cretan culture of olive oil, making it an integral part of the dietary needs of the rest of the Europeans, the people of Asia and more.

To us, olive oil is not an elitist dietary choice, far from it, this is our choice for health, longevity and quality of life. This is why we do not limit our products to just a few select –and most of the times very expensive- specialty shops but choose to bring superb, delicatessen-quality olive oil to super markets and food shops that address a wider consuming audience who seek to have high quality in a reasonably-priced product.

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